Hi, I’m Alexis

I’m all about making things beautiful!

Welcome to my website

I’m Alexis Danielsen. I’m a 40-something graphic designer, born in Germany, grew up in Denmark and since 2018 I’ve lived on the stolen land of the Okanagan Indian Band and the Splatsin First Nation, in so-called British Columbia, Canada. I’m also a partner, a mother and a daughter. I’m white, cisgender, able-bodied and queer af!

I believe that

– Science is Real
– Black Lives Matter
– Abortion is healthcare
– Love is Love
– Every Child Matters
– Gender is a social construct

Background and career

I graduated from University College Nordjylland (Denmark) in 2010 with an AP degree in graphic design and started working as a freelance graphic designer while I was still in college. For most of my career I’ve been working for myself, except for a spirit-crushing but professionally interesting year in 2013/2014 where I worked at Lene Bjerre Design.

During my career I’ve mostly worked with small businesses and startups, making logos, business cards, ads, signs, magazines, posters, social media graphics, etc. I taught myself to make websites in 2010 as I needed one for myself, and soon my clients started asking me for help with their website too, making webdesign an integrated part of my small business.


how I work / what to expect

You have put your heart and soul into your business. Maybe even blood, sweat and tears. I know how important this is to you, and also how vulnerable. Working with a graphic designer on your small business is an intimate process, especially with big and important personal projects, because I have to get to know you and your project well in order to make the right design for you.

I’m ethical af with my work and only take on clients if we’re a good match and I believe I can help you. I do not do right wing propaganda, anti LGBTQIA2S materials or antivax/anti science projects.

Trauma and healing

In 2017 my life took an unexpected turn when a traumatic miscarriage left me with PTSD. After that my life fell completely apart. Undiagnosed and untreated PTSD is a living nightmare that I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy.

I was lucky, I had support and eventually got treatment, but my experience has changed me to the core and it’s been a long and ongoing recovery. But on the other side of trauma, there’s post traumatic growth! And I can’t deny that my trauma has made me both a better person and a better designer!

If you’re a person dealing with trauma, it might be triggered in the process of making a website or working on your branding. I know what that’s like from my personal experience and numerous clients throughout the years, and I always aim to create a safe space for everyone I’m working with.


What lights me up more than anything is creativity. I live to (try to) create something beautiful and on a good day I might think of myself as an artist. I make art for me. For the process and the healing. And for the joy of making beautiful.

I love drawing, sewing, making jewellery, interior design and all kinds of DIY projects. But beyond anything, I am absolutely fascinated by and in love with photography. All pics on this website are self-shot portraits. I am not a professional photographer, but if you’re interested in portraits or branding photos (or boudoir!) let’s chat! It’s free because I need the practice.

Giving back

Fuck capitalism, fuck white supremacy and fuck all the systems of control and oppression that are disproportionately harming the folks among us  who are the most vulnerable!

If you’re black, indigenous or a person of color, if you’re queer, trans or non-binary, if you’re disabled or struggling with mental health problems and you have a great idea or project but can’t afford pay someone like me to make it all look cohesive and beautiful, please reach out anyway! My prices are on a sliding scale and I also offer pro-bono work. Please send me a message and let’s talk about your idea!


say hi!

I’m always happy to connect with other creatives.

Tell me what you’re working on and dreaming of creating!


Email me at hi@alexisanielsen.com and I will get back to you!